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Glass door made of 8 mm. tempered glass with print.

Glass door made of 8 mm. tempered glass with print.

The glass tempering is a process whereby it is subjected to special treatment. Thus its strength is being improved significantly and the glass becomes much more resistant to sudden changes in temperature.


In case of breakage, tempered glass is not dangerous because there are no sharp edges and is crumbled into small pieces. The process of tempering is final. After that, the glass cannot be cut, matted, laminated or edged.


Possible dimensions of the door leaf: 600/1970 mm, 700/1970 mm, 800/1970 mm, 900/1970 mm (height might be adjusted according to the frame adjustment). Opening directions could be inwards/outwards, left/right.


The frame is made of HDF material and could have the following dimensions: 680/2010, 780/2010, 880/2010, 980/2010 mm. The glass leaf could be mounted to flat or round frame.


Price includes:

- Flat frame for walls up to 100mm with one side architraves;

- 8 mm tempered and edged glass;

- Rubber seal in the same color as the frame;

- Two swivel hinges;

- Safety lock body with cylinder lock- oval with three keys;

- Front plate.

Type tempered glass door
Model Print G 13-13 Turkey
Material for door leaf glass with print
Thickness of door leaf 8 mm.
Dimensions of door leaf 600/1970, 700/1970, 800/1970, 900/1970 mm.
Dimensions of door leaf + door frame 680/2010, 780/2010, 880/2010, 980/2010 mm. (with the possibility of height adjustment)
Material for door frame HDF
Number of hinges 2
Lock lock with three keys
Seals rubber seals
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