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An armed entrance door made of two 1.2mm powder coated metal leafs and a metal leaf 1.2mm in-between.

An armed entrance door made of two 1.2mm powder coated metal leafs and a metal leaf 1.2mm in-between.


The door leaf is filled with mineral wool for sound and thermal insulation and has additional metal ribs. Thickness of the door leaf - 70mm.  On the side of the hinge the door leaf is reinforced with six passive spikes hidden in the frame when the door is closed.


Frame is made of 1.2 mm powder coated metal, adjustable, with flat architraves on both sides.


The door is available in several versions- for wall thickness from 150 to 340mm and from 150 to 440mm.


The door set includes:

- Door leaf;

- Adjustable frame;

- Rubber seal;

- Two lock bodies;

- Two cylinder locks;

- Cylinder lock armor with anti-snap function;

- Three hinges;

- Movable stainless steel handle for the inside;

- Moveable or passive handle for the outside;

- Spy hole with a metal door hammer;

- Three secret and three secret dimple keys;

- Two independent locking systems;

- Six anti-breaking spikes;

- L-shaped metal threshold profile, on which the main threshold should be mount.

Type entrance door
Model T-712
Material metal
Dimensions of door 900/2000 mm.
Hole in the wall 920/2010 mm.
Door leaf thickness 70 mm.
Metal sheet 1.2 mm.
Insulation  mineral wool
Lock 2 lotsking systems
Lock cylinder protectors yes
Threshold yes (with additional construction)
Peephole yes

The door has factory set rubber seal along the frame and L-shaped strip on the threshold, with a rubber seal, which helps for better insulation and easier threshold mounting.

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The door is provided with two independent locking systems with three spikes each. Doors from the ATMO series are provided with six passive spikes. When the door is closed, the six spikes enter into the door frame.

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Shemi T 712 C 1 1











1. Metal ribbing;

2. Mineral wool for sound and thermal insulation;

3. Internal metal frame;

4. Anti-break-in cap and armored lock;

5. Locking system;

6. Metal splint;

7. Spy hole with a metal hammer;

8. Passive spike;

9. Powder covered metal sheet;

10. Hinge

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